Edward Fudge


A gracEmail subscriber recently learned that her husband has sexually molested their daughters for several years. He is now in the hands of criminal authorities. She has mixed feelings toward him -- of anger, betrayal and disgust but also of pity and even of love. She asks my help in "sorting this out."

*          *          *

I am sorry for the harm and pain that has visited you and your family. As for your husband, you will require time to process all the natural and legitimate feelings that you have regarding him. Don't feel any panic to rush or hurry that process. It will take time, maybe years.

You can sincerely ask God to give him genuine repentance and to forgive him for Christ's sake, when you are able to do that. If you are not able now, you can ask God to give you that ability. You must not attempt to rationalize what your husband has done, to make excuses for it or to pretend that it is not bad, even horrible, and very destructive to all concerned including himself.

Most of all, move forward in life with your daughters, asking God's healing for all involved. Ask Jesus to be for each of you the great physician, the true lover of your soul, the light of the world and the bread of life. Draw near to God and cast your anxieties on him. He cares about you as his child and he will care for you. May God bless you each new day.

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