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Edward & Sara Faye

TESTIMONY TO GOD'S FAITHFULNESS -- Millions of believers through the centuries have testified to God's faithfulness, guidance and grace. Sara Faye and I are but one couple among those millions. I was born in a rural Alabama clinic in 1944, the oldest grandson of African missionaries on my mother's side and poor Southern sharecroppers on my father's. Six weeks premature and unable to take nourishment, I faced certain death until ... READ MORE>>

GRACEMAIL -- This Christ-centered, Bible-based internet column is published several times each week at no charge, for thousands of subscribers throughout the body of Christ and for other interested persons around the world. READ MORE>>

WRITTEN MINISTRY -- For more than fifty years, God has blessed readers through Edward's writings -- including books, sermons, worship resources, articles, Bible studies and reviews. Many of these writings are available here at no charge. His seven current books can be ordered from or from their various publishers, or from your favorite bookseller. READ MORE>>

SPEAKING MINISTRY -- Edward regularly teaches and preaches at churches, universities, seminaries, retreats and special groups of all denominations as invited. This can be done using Skype, at no expense to the host church, school, or group.

VIDEO TEACHING -- Now you can enjoy Edward's teaching on numerous topics on videos. This part of the website is under reconstruction and not all titles that follow are actually available at present. For links to some of these video teachings, click .HERE>>

MOVIE UPDATE -- ORDER YOUR DVDs NOW! Still being screened in selected cities in USA and Canada. "Hell and Mr. Fudge" is a beautifully-filmed feature movie based on the human story behind the book The Fire That Consumes, A professional independent producer asked to make this film, starring Mackenzie Astin ("Edward"), Keri Lynn Pratt ("Sara Faye"), John Wesley Shipp ("Bennie Lee Fudge"), Eileen Davidson ("Sybil Fudge"), Wes Robertson (best friend "Joe Mark" = Joey Curtis + Mark Whitt), and Sean McGowan (stereotype composite protagonist Don Haloway).For trailer and for Pre-Release Order Form, click here..

DOCTRINAL CONVICTION -- We stand shoulder to shoulder with the faithful people of God who, at all times and in every place, have confessed and taught the historic, apostolic message as summarized in the Apostles Creed. READ MORE>>

INTERVIEWS -- From time to time, Edward is interviewed live or in print concerning biblical subjects, a new book, or other spiritual matters. We are pleased to bring you several of these interviews. READ MORE>>

HOLY LAND PILGRIMAGE -- Journey with Edward and Sara Faye on their 1999 pilgrimage to the Holy Land, as they recount experiences, emotions and thoughts. These writings and pictures recreate the thrill and essence of the trip. READ MORE>>

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