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The Fire That Consumes

The Fire that Consumes exposes as unbiblical the popular tradition which says God will keep the wicked alive forever in unending torment. This exhaustive volume examines every biblical text on the subject and shows that hell involves the everlasting, total destruction of both body and soul. It also traces the development of the traditional view of unending conscious torment, from the early church fathers to the 20th century. An alternate selection of the Evangelical Book Club, this study has been acclaimed by scholars worldwide. Contains a foreword by the late Professor F.F. Bruce of Manchester, England.


"The nature of hell," Clark H. Pinnock, Ex auditu 20 2004, p. 47-59.

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COLIN BROWN, Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, Calif.: "A very strong case for rethinking the notion of the eternal torment of all the lost."

F.F. BRUCE (Deceased), University of Manchester, England: "While this subject is one on which there is no unanimity among evangelical Christians, it is at the same time one on which they have often engaged in fierce polemic. What is called for, rather, is the fellowship of patient Bible study, the fruit of which Mr. Fudge presents here."

LYNN MITCHELL, University of Houston, Texas: "One of the most important books produced by conservative evangelicals in the 20th century."

JOHN W. WENHAM (Deceased), Oxford, England: "The author is biblical, reverent and fair, showing soundness and independence of judgment. He makes his main points with force and persuasiveness."

CLARK H. PINNOCK, McMaster Divinity College, Hamilton, Ontario: "I know of no book which answers this powerful case."

W. WARD GASQUE, Eastern College, Philadelphia: "An important and thought-provoking book that gives careful attention to the actual words of Scripture."

DALE MOODY (Deceased), The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Ky: "I know of no biblical passage which, interpreted rightly and in context, conflicts with the conclusions of this book."

THOMAS H. OLBRICHT (Retired), Pepperdine University, Malibu, Calif: "Evidence for the common assumption that the wicked will suffer eternal conscious torment may not be as conclusive as assumed."

JOHN F. WALVOORD (Retired), Dallas Theological Seminary: "The most extensive study [of the subject] in recent years . . . commendably brings into the discussion many items that are often overlooked." (Dr. Walvoord expressly disagrees with the conclusions of this book.)

GEORGE LEONARD GOSS, former editor, Evangelical Book Club: "A thorough and convincing exposition."

NEW OXFORD REVIEW: "Exceptionally evenhanded, forceful and to the point."

MISSION JOURNAL: "A formidable scriptural argument which defenders of the popular view will be hard pressed to meet."

EVANGELICAL BOOK CLUB: "A thoughtful case for an opinion that deserves a hearing."

RESURRECTION MAGAZINE: "The definitive work on conditional immortality."

ADVENT CHRISTIAN WITNESS: "A work of impeccable scholarship and pleasing readability."

CHURCH OF ENGLAND NEWSPAPER: "Essential reading for anyone interested in the subject."